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Terms & Conditions

Triquetra Healthcare and Technology Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Us”, “We”, “Our” or “Triquetra”) provides a telemedicine platform (hereinafter referred to as “Platform”) that allows medical professionals and healthcare providers (hereinafter referred to as “Healthcare Provider”) to connect with patients (hereinafter referred to as “You” or “Your”) in order to provide tele- consultation through this Platform. 
           This Terms of Use constitutes a binding agreement between You and Triquetra, who shall collectively be referred to as “Party” or “Parties”. In addition to the Terms of Use, by using the Platform, You also acknowledge that You have read, understood and agree to be bound by our privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) (Provide hyperlink to the privacy policy here). 
           The services provided by Us (“Services”) constitute arranging report technology-based consultations through the Platform with a licensed physician/medical practitioner. You acknowledge, agree and understand that We are merely facilitators of the Platform and We do not provide any medical advice. You understand that the Platform allows You to have interactive audio-video-chat conferencing sessions with the Healthcare Provider. However, You are hereby informed that in the event that there are certain technical difficulties that hamper such communication, the Healthcare Provider can conduct such sessions via regular voice communications. Information related to Your medical history, records and tests shall be discussed with the Healthcare Provider through this Platform. 
           Your Obligations 
               1. You hereby represent and warrant that You have completed 18 years of age or above and if You are a patient below 18 years of age, You shall be represented by Your guardian on this Platform.  
               2. You hereby agree and acknowledge that any information provided by You through this Platform is true and accurate.  
               3. You understand that it is expected that You have access to a laptop, desktop or a mobile device as well as a good internet connection, all of which is essential for availing efficient Services through this Platform. 
               4. In order to access the Platform, after downloading the Platform, You shall have to create a login ID and password that shall be private to You. You shall maintain the confidentiality and security of the user-id and password created by You. You shall be responsible for Your account, passwords, all the activities that occur under the same and for any actions that take place through the Platform. In case You do share Your credential information to any third parties, without keeping Us informed of the same, We shall not be held liable for such third party use of Your account. In case of breach of security or any other unauthorized use of Your account, You shall immediately notify Us of the same. 
               5. You understand and are aware of the risks associated with the process of seeking medical treatment via telecommunication channels. You understand that telemedicine services through the Platform may not always be beneficial to You and the Platform does not guarantee that the treatment plans and diagnosis suggested by the Healthcare Provider shall be completely effective.  
               6. The Platform does not endorse any Healthcare Provider nor any tests or opinions advised or any medicines prescribed by the Healthcare Provider and placing any reliance on the Services availed through the Platform, especially at the time of medical emergencies, shall be at Your own risk. Further, the Platform provides You with the ability to view the medicines prescribed by the Healthcare Provider, the invoice generated and such other relevant documents and reports generated as pertaining to the teleconsultation on the Platform. You shall hold Us harmless for any lapse in medical judgment or any errors on the part of the Healthcare Provider.  
               7. You shall refrain from asking any questions or seeking advice/opinion of the Healthcare Provider on matters which are not related to the subject of Your telemedicine consultation.  
               8. You understand and acknowledge that the Platform simply provides You access to several medical practitioners. We undertake reasonable measures to verify the credentials of the Healthcare Providers, however, We do not confirm the veracity of the same. We also do not endorse the efficiency or the effectiveness of their professional opinions, statements or answers that You seek from the Healthcare Providers through this Platform. You agree that it is Your responsibility to verify the Healthcare Provider’s credentials and agree to not hold Us responsible for any false claims made by the Healthcare Provider in this regard. 
               9. You also hereby agree and acknowledge that this Platform shall not be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever including but not limited to the following acts: 
               1. copying, reproducing, distributing, selling, leasing, licensing, publicly displaying, transmitting or broadcasting or making any derivative works of the Platform or reverse engineer it through any medium unless otherwise expressly consented; 
               2. abuse or misuse the Platform, including gaining or attempting to gain unauthorized access to the Platform or circumvent the security of the Platform in any manner; 
               3. intentionally corrupt, damage or inappropriately delete, alter or destroy any data in the Platform unless it is in line with the purposes of this Terms of Use; 
               4. allow the introduction of any program or data that has embedded in them any virus, worms or other harmful components such that it harms, disrupts or impedes the operation of the Platform or alter or destroy any data in it; 
               5. share or post any false, misleading, inaccurate information or misrepresent any other person or entity or post any content that is derogatory, objectionable, offensive, illegal or discriminatory; 
               10. You must resolve any dispute between You and any Healthcare Provider arising from your interaction with Healthcare Provider directly with that Healthcare Provider. 
               11. You also agree not to engage in any abusive, offensive, sexual acts, acts of illegal nature or acts amounting to misconduct under relevant laws, rules and regulations. You will be held responsible solely for any failure to comply with this provision, and We reserve the right to take legal action against You and terminate Your account from the Platform. You hereby agree to indemnify Us against any third party claims, suits, liabilities, damages, costs, fees, expenses arising out of such misconduct and shall not hold Triquetra liable for the same. 
           Fees, Refund and Cancellation 
               1. You agree and acknowledge that with respect to Your telemedicine consultation with the Healthcare Provider, all the fees shall be paid by You in advance, before such consultation appointment.  
               2. Where You have availed an appointment but fail to attend the consultation at the given time, You shall not be entitled to any refund for such missed appointment, especially if You have not pre-canceled the appointment or requested for rescheduling the appointment for another time.  
               3. Further, no refund can be claimed by You in the event that Your consultation has been interrupted on account of poor network connections on Your part or in case You leave the consultation mid-way without allocating appropriate reasoning.    
               4. In the event that the Healthcare Provider does not start the consultation within a reasonable period of the scheduled appointment, You are required to contact the Healthcare Provider to claim refund or for rescheduling an appointment.  
           The Platform will be privy to the audio-video conversations including any images shared by You to the Healthcare Provider as well as the diagnosis and treatment plans shared by the Healthcare Provider to You and in this regard, We shall be maintaining standard call logs. This information shall be used by Us for providing You with better services as well as for future research and reference purposes. Needless to mention ,Your profile related information as well as information pertaining to Your medical history and other related reports uploaded by You on the Platform shall also be available to the Healthcare Provider. The Healthcare Provider as well as the Platform shall ensure to keep such records private and shall adhere to all privacy and confidentiality laws that are otherwise applicable to such medical information. No information which discloses Your identity that is obtained during any telemedicine consultation will be disclosed to other entities without Your consent. However, We shall not be held liable for any misuse, unauthorised disclosure, theft or loss of such information on the part of the Healthcare Provider. It is advisable that You read Our Privacy Policy (available here) to understand how Your information shall be collected and used by Us.  
           Intellectual Property 
           You hereby agree and acknowledge that all the intellectual property including but not limited to trademarks, business identifiers, copyright, source code, software programs, trade secrets, graphics, interactive features and designs, patents, as well as the contents of the Platform, process flows, compilations, business methods, Platform specifications and formulae, know-how, data systems and processes including any derivative works of the Platform or any modifications or alterations thereto and the technologies and materials used in providing the Services is Our sole property or its respective owners or licensors wherever applicable and You shall have no right, title or interest over the same except for the rights expressly granted by the virtue of these Terms of Use. You hereby agree that You shall not copy, download, reproduce, distribute, market, sublicense, modify, republish, display, post, transmit, create derivative works of above-mentioned intellectual property and use the same strictly for the purpose intended through this Terms of Use. 
           We may in Our sole discretion from time to time provide certain updates including certain corrections, changes and improvements to the Platform, Services or relating to the operational performance of the Services and You should check the Platform periodically to review the most current Terms of Use. All the updates should be treated as a part of these Terms of Use. Your continued use of the Platform following any such amendment to the Terms of Use will signify Your acceptance to any such revised Terms of Use.  

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